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Is my child safe at sport?

It's natural to worry about our children when they are away from us, whether that be at school, out with friends or when taking part in sport.
Larkhall YMCA Harriers is committed to keeping our children safe in sport. We have a range of welfare reporting mechanisms available, from speaking directly to a welfare officer or using our online reporting function on this website.
All of our Coaches and Volunteers who have contact with children and people with vulnerabilities are members of the PVG scheme so you can be sure that they are in safe hands.
But how can you support you child in sport?
The Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport pages of the Children 1st Website have a range of useful resources for sports parents  which you can reach on the link below but we've also highlighted some other good advice below. 


Having an understanding and interest in getting involved in your child’s sports club or activity will help create an environment where your child feels able to share their experiences with you. There are many benefits of being involved, including:
  • You’re part of the team too
  • Creating opportunities to get involved in other activities with the club, for example fundraising, volunteering, coaching or first aid
  • Building a better bond with the club, the coaches, staff, volunteers and players to be a great supporter for your child and wider team too
  • A better knowledge of the organisation, it’s ethos and how things are run on a daily basis
  • An understanding about the possible challenges and risks
  • Raising any helpful suggestions about how to improve things at the club, as well as voicing any concerns.

Children 1st Parent Line

Children 1st Parent line offer emotional, practical, and financial support to help families to put children first and campaign to uphold the rights of every child. 
They support the whole family when they need it, for as long as they need it. They offer help to prevent families reaching crisis point, to keep children safe and to support children and families to recover from trauma and harm.
Their work is founded on the understanding that children do well when families do well. The practical, emotional and financial support they offer is more than a lifeline, it is the support that children and families need to overcome the challenges they face today to enjoy a happier, more secure tomorrow.