Women's Safety

Did you know that 48% of women don't feel safe running alone at night?*

At Larkhall YMCA Harriers we take the safety of our female athletes very seriously. Our training is group based and no-one is ever left alone or left behind. All our athletes are treated with fairness and respect and we have a zero tolerance approach towards sexist comments, sexualised behaviour or misogyny in our club.
If you're a female runner who is worried about staying safe when out running alone or at night we'd of course recommend joining us. Training with a club is not only the safest option, but you also have the benefit of highly qualified coaches, and a friendly bunch of like minded athletes to help keep you motivated and accountable when things get tough.

research from thisgirlcan.co.uk

We understand that for some of you joining a club might not be an option or maybe you're just not ready, if that's you, we've detailed some safety advice below. 
  • Be Seen - Dress brightly and consider using torches.
  • Tell someone your route and try to change it often.
  • If you use Strava / Garmin or a similar app set up a privacy zone around your home or work place and any other place you regularly run from.
  • Stick to well lit paths.
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone with you.
  • Avoid noise cancelling headphones - hear your surroundings.
  • Download the What 3 Words app on your phone, Emergency Services can find your exact location if you provide them with the 3 word location reference. This is particularly useful if you are on a rural trail or if you get lost.
Men - Play your part in Women's Safety.
  • If you can, keep your distance. The closer you are, the more threatening you may seem.
  • If you're running behind a woman, pause to give her some space or cross the road if its safe to do so.
  • Don't make comments, even if you think its complementary and challenge those who might make derogatory remarks. End the cycle of misogyny, a comment you think is harmless may terrorise a woman.
  • If you witness a woman being harassed, show your support, something as simple as placing yourself between the woman and the harasser can go a long way.
Check out our video for tips on running alone at night.

Further info on Women's safety can be found on the "This Girl Can" website linked below.

This Girl Can